• Corriell Nature Preserve Tour
    On June 15, 2024 Bur Oak Land Trust welcomed INPS members and others for a private tour of the Corriell Nature Preserve in Muscatine County. Over 20 attendees explored the area observing many different functional plant groups, insects, and more. The tour was led by Dr. Tom Rosburg.
  • Pasque Flowers Bloom in the Loess Hills
    A brisk and chilly northwest wind did not deter about 20 nature enthusiasts from exploring the prairie in the Loess Hills State Forest on Saturday, March 16.  It was perfect timing to see hundreds of pasque flowers in bloom. The pasque flowers definitely stole the show, but they were not the […]
  • Hitchcock Nature Center Field Trip
    Pottawattamie County September 30, 2023
  • Brush Creek Canyon Field Trip
    Brush Creek Canyon is a 217-acre preserve containing a rugged forested gorge along the Silurian Escarpment. Located two miles north of Arlington in Fayette County, it was dedicated as a biological and geological state preserve in 1968. Located on the western edge of the Paleozoic Plateau landform region, Brush Creek […]
  • Kurtz Prairie Field Trip
    In mid-July a small group of prairie enthusiasts joined long time prairie steward, Carl Kurtz, to tour Kurtz Prairie. This privately owned prairie offers a diverse array of wildflowers decades in the making. Carl’s knowledge and passion of prairies runs deep. Participants enjoyed learning about prairie reconstruction and management, as […]
  • Wolter’s Prairie Preserve Field Trip
    Wolter’s Prairie Preserve is a wet-mesic remnant located in Butler County Iowa. Inclement weather prevented the original scheduled date for the field trip. Thankfully we were able to reschedule a few weeks later on May 27, 2023. Attendees were not disappointed by the array of flora in bloom. Iconic prairie […]
  • Yellow River State Forest Hike
    On May 20, 2023 attendees enjoyed a guided hike through Yellow River State Forest. A species plant list of herbaceous and shrub vegetation was recorded. Thank you to Dr. Mary Damm for sharing the list!
  • Ada Hayden Herbarium Tour
    On January 14, 2023, INPS hosted a tour of the Ada Hayden Herbarium at Iowa State University. The tour was led by the herbarium’s curator and INPS board member, Deb Lewis. We welcomed a dozen attendees. Attendees were able to learn about the process of creating specimen vouchers, the history […]
  • Mossy Glen State Preserve
    On September 25, 2022 plant, fungi, insect, bird, and photography enthusiasts all gathered to hike and explore Mossy Glen State Preserve. The hike was led by Dr. Tom Rosburg. Over 60 plant species were documented (trees, shrubs, vines, grasses, and wildflowers), as well as multiple fungi. Fellow INPS member and […]
  • INPS 2022 Annual Meeting
    The 2022 annual meeting was hosted by Polk County Conservation Board (CCB) at Chichaqua Bottoms Green Belt. It was a cool, wet, insightful time with native plant enthusiasts. Participants toured reconstructed prairies and the Polk CCB native seed lab.
  • Tipton Prairie
    A field trip to Tipton Prairie was held July 2, 2022 and was led by Dr. Tom Rosburg with 12 participants, including Vice President Tom Scherer and President, Sarah Nizzi. Over sixty native species were observed during the field trip. This 3-acre remnant has amazing diversity and is a sight to […]
  • Kalsow Prairie
    Led by Bill Blankenship and Tom Scherer on June 25, 2022.
  • Pammel State Park
    April 30, 2022 Our Field Trip leader was John Pearson, DNR Ecologist. We were also escorted by Steve Pearson Madison County Conservation Director. Steve gave us an overview of Pammel State Park and the ongoing effort by the entire community to recover and heal from the tragic tornado that struck […]
  • Kent Park Field Trip – Johnson County Iowa
  • Dinesen Prairie Field Trip
    Dinesen Prairie Preserve INPS Field Trip led by Glenn Pollock
  • Twin Oaks Field Trip
    Hosted by Ron Eckhoff and led by Tom Rosburg
  • Chichaqua