Since 2005, the INPS has had the privilege of offering grants dedicated to land acquisition, restoration and management of remnants, research, youth engagement in ecological restoration, and more.

INPS currently offers two different grant opportunities.

Small Grants

Small Grants Program offers funds to land managers, researchers, and environmental interpreters to conduct restoration and management projects, monitoring, native plant research, and training and education. 

See previously awarded Small Grants.

Restore Iowa! Grants

Restore Iowa! Offers funds to those working with youth in ecological restoration efforts. This is aimed at increasing the exposure and interest of young people working in the field to restore natural areas within the state of Iowa. 

For questions about applicability of your project or the grant guidelines, please contact our INPS grant manager, Molly McNicoll at

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Funding to date

INPS is proud of its Small Grants. From 2005 through 2020, INPS has awarded over $35,000 to a total of 49 projects. Below is how the funding has been distributed:

  • Land acquisition projects: 3 grants, $3,500 awarded
  • Inventory, restoration, management projects: 22 projects, $20,600 awarded
  • Research projects: 15 projects, $7,850 awarded
  • Training and education projects: 13 projects, $3,220 awarded

INPS is equally proud of it’s Restore Iowa! grants. From 2012 through 2020, 11 Restore Iowa! grants were awarded for a total of nearly $10,000.

Donations may also be made to our grants program through the INPS endowment.