• Melanie Schmidt, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $675, “Supplemental tools for INHF’s volunteer program” (inventory / restoration / management grant)
  • Rod Marlatt, Fayette County Conservation Board, Fayette IA, $1250, “Hackman Tract and Sand Prairie” (land acquisition grant)
  • Brandon Clough, Story County Conservation Board, $1250, “Restoration of a Prairie remnant at West Peterson Park” (inventory / restoration / management grant)
  • Cassandra Cook, Polk County Conservation Board, $1250, “Yellow Banks Park Savanna habitat restoration” (inventory / restoration / management grant)


  • Megan Lenss and Stratis Giannakouros, The University of Iowa Office of Sustainability and Environment, Iowa City IA, $500, “Ashton Cross Country Course Prairie Signage Project” (education grant)
  • Dawn Snyder, Woodbury County Conservation Board, Sioux City IA, $1250, “Woodbury County Conservation Board Prairie Rescue Equipment” (restoration / management grant)
  • William Norris, Dept. of Natural Sciences, Western New Mexico University, Silver City, NM, $850, “Floristic Inventory of Mossy Glen State Preserve, Clayton Co., IA (1994-2020): Final Phase” (research grant)
  • Karen Phelps, Benton County Conservation, Vinton IA, $1250, “Benton County Fen Acquisition Project” (land acquisition grant)


  • Cecilia Hagen and Phil DeJarnatt, Iowa County Conservation, $1250, “Inventory of Prairie Remnants on County-Owned Lands” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Jason Taylor, Bur Oak Land Trust (Iowa City IA ), $1250, “Land Management Equipment for Invasive Species Removal” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Michelle Biodrowski, Hitchcock Nature Center, Pottawattamie County Conservation, $500, “BioBlitz at Hitchcock Nature Center” (education grant) Funded by residual funds from the Iowa Natural History Association.
  • Paul Readhead, Friends of Ames High Prairie (Pohl Prairie, Ames IA), $1000, “Management Endowment for Ames High Prairie” (inventory, restoration/management grant)


  • Jennifer L. Stoffel and Scott Figdore, Upper Iowa University (Fayette IA), $1034, “Continued Management of University- Owned Prairie Remnant used for Conservation and Plant Research and Instruction” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Melanie Louis, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $700, “Land Management Kits for Land Ambassadors (Volunteer Program)” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Molly McNicoll, Luther College, $760, “Brush Management at Chipera Prairie, Winneshiek County” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Veronica Mecko or Rich Erke, Southern Iowa Oak Savanna Alliance, Decatur County Conservation, $250, “Workshops and Education Events in 2018” (education grant)


  • Jack Phillips, Loess Hills Nature School and Golden Hills RC&D, $500, “Bryophytes, Lichens, and Fungi of the Southern Loess Hills” (education grant)
  • Mike Fallon, Backyard Abundance (Iowa City, IA), $217, “Fire, Seed & Soil; Exploring the Relationship between Fire and Iowa’s Native Flora” (education grant)
  • Amy Yoakum, Story County Conservation, $760, “Prairie lily (Lilium philadelphicum) in a Cemetery Prairie Remnant, Story County” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Rob Davis, Whiterock Conservancy (Coon Rapids, IA), $1000, “A Toolbox for Volunteers – Connecting Recreational Trail Users with the Land” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
  • Bill Norris, Western New Mexico University, $1000, “Floristic Inventory of Backbone State Park (1994-2017): Final Phase” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
    Funded by residual funds from the Iowa Natural History Association
  • Carl Kurtz and Ryan Schmidt, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $1000, “Plant Species Inventory of Spring Hill Prairie” (inventory, restoration / management grant)
    Funded by residual funds from the Iowa Natural History Association.


  • Tammy Wright, Bur Oak Land Trust (Iowa City, IA), $1,000, “Tool Kits for Bur Oak Land Trust Volunteer Work Crews”
  • Michael Cimprich, City of Marion Parks Dept., $1,000, ” Faulkes Heritage Woods Invasive Restoration”
  • Penny Perkins, F.T.F. Restoration (Granger, IA), $500, “Using Goats for Ecological Rehabilitation for Invasive Species Management and Replacement of Historical Regimes”
  • Jean Eells, E Resources Group (Webster City, IA), $500, “Iowa’s Native Plant Leaders”


  • Victoria Pocius, ISU, $500, “Oviposition Preference and Larval Survival of the Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus , on Eight Species of Native Milkweeds”
  • Emily Zimmerman, ISU, $500, “Does Diversity Matter? Evaluating the Relationship between Native Prairie Plant Species Diversity on Nitrogen Retention”
  • Veronica Mecko, Southern Iowa Oak Savanna Alliance, $250, “Burn Workshop at Springer Woods”


  • Dawn Snyder, Woodbury County Conservation Board, $994, “Woodbury County Conservation Board Prairie Rescue and Safety Equipment”
  • Jean Wiedenheft, Indian Creek Nature Center (Cedar Rapids), $1250, “Bena Brook Woodland Restoration”
  • Amy Yoakum, Story County Conservation Board, $1170, “Dakins Lake Restoration Project”
  • Christine Kaldenberg, Willowwind School, Iowa City, $250, “Community Awareness of Native Plantings”


  • Lee Goldsmith, Brenton Arboretum, $1000, “Natives for Stormwater Management”
  • Nick Stoynoff, independent taxonomist, $500, “Digitization of the Putnam Museum Herbarium: Another Step towards a Complete Inventory of the Specimens in Iowa’s Small Herbaria”


  • Philip Bice and Aubrie James, ISU – Dept of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, $500, “Plant Inventory of the Vascular Plants of Anderson Prairie State Preserve”
  • Marlene Ehresman, Iowa Wildlife Center, $500, “Bioblitzes to Assess Natural Features of the Iowa Wildlife Center Property”
  • Jennifer Anderson-Cruz, ISU – Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, $500, “Evaluation of the Effect of Various Prairie Restoration Planting Methods on the Development of a Diverse Sedge Meadow Community”
  • Casey Koht and Pete Kollasch, Friends of Rochester Cemetery, $500, “Funding for Prescribed Fire in Sections of Rochester Cemetery”

NOTE: The grant for prescribed fire in Rochester Cemetery was extended for two additional burns in honor of Professor Diana Horton, long-time friend and member of INPS, who has been a passionate defender of native plants in many ways throughout her life.


  • Peter Eyheralde, ISU – Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, $500, “Role of Bison in a Tallgrass Prairie Reconstruction: Seed Dispersal and Small-scale Disturbance”
  • Diane Debinski, ISU – Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, $500, “Effects of fire and grazing on reintroduction of prairie violet (Viola pedatifida) to Iowa grasslands”
  • Elizabeth Bach, ISU – Dept of Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology, $500, “Effects of diversity on the prairie experience”


  • Tony Jelsma, Dordt College – Department of Biology, $500, “Genetic Diversity of butterfly milkweed (Asclepias tuberosa) in Iowa native prairies”


  • Craig Hemsath, Union High School (LaPorte City, IA), $250, “Exploration, Identification, and Recording of the Flora of Southeast Black Hawk County and Adjacent Areas by Union High School Students”
  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $1250, “Story County Prairie Acquisition and Stewardship”


  • Chris Anderson, Woodbury County Conservation Board, $644, “Woodbury County Conservation Board Prairie Rescue Equipment”


  • Craig Hemsath, UNI, $500, “Enhancement of a Recovering Native Prairie”
  • Kathryn Yurkonis, ISU, $500, “Prairie Plant Distributions and their Consequences for Diversity and Exotic Species Invasion”


  • Lars Brudvig, ISU, $500, “Effect of Restoration on Oak Savanna Biodiversity, Structure, and Oak Regeneration.”
  • Glenn Pollock, Independent, $1,020, “Vincent Bluff Savanna Restoration.”

2005 (first year grants were awarded):

  • Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, $1,250, “Marietta Expansion and Buffer: A Marshall County Sand Prairie and Fen Acquisition and Restoration Project.”
  • Amy Carolan, UNI, $500, “Enhancement of a Recovering Native Prairie”
  • Renae Schmitt, ISU, $497, “The Effects of Nitrogen on the Competitive Ability and Establishment of Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) versus Native Herbaceous Plants.”